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Our food is prepared fresh on site using quality ingredients.

We have a selection of gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and vegan options available.

Please inform us of any allergies or intolerances before ordering. 

Hot Drinks

Tea for One                                                      £1.50

Tea for Two                                                     £2.50

Espresso                                                           £1.90 

Americano                                                       £2.20

Flat White                                 SM £2.30  LG £2.60

Latte                                         SM £2.30  LG £2.60

Cappuccino                             SM £2.30  LG £2.60

Mocha                                                              £2.60

Luxury Hot Chocolate                                     £2.60 

Baby-chino                                                      £0.50

We have a range of cold drinks available as well as yummy seasonal drinks (smoothies, chai latte's, iced coffee and more!)


Fresh baked pastries                                     £1.50

Toast w various spreads                                £1.50

Bowl of granola                                              £2.35 

Beans on toast                                                £2.10

Sandwiches and Paninis - made fresh to order and served with crisps 
Deli items and Salads 
Kids Meal

Smoked salmon and cream cheese                   £3.10  - £3.50

Goats cheese and caramelised onion

Turkey, cranberry and brie 

Pesto, sundried tomato and mozzarella

Ham, pepperoni and mozzarella

Chicken, avocado and spinach 

Ham, cheese and tomato

Tuna and cheese or cucumber 

OR mix & match the toppings! 

Choose from a range of homemade deli items that change daily in our chiller:

Quiche, sausage rolls, fish cakes, pies and more! All served with salad. 

Choose from: cheese or ham sandwich     £3.10

OR beans on toast. 

Includes: a juicebox, fruit and Pom Bears. 

Hot Lunches

Homemade soup of the day (served w sourdough)       £3.50

Jacket potatoes (served with salad)                    £4.60 - £4.85

             Toppings include: Cheese, baked beans, 

              tuna mayo or prawn cocktail. 


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